Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Death of Me

A mountain of dolls. Well, 32 to be exact. Last one is a ginger in striped yellow. My oh my, what a fabulous feeling to be done with all the sewing!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Five years ago...

Me + the hubs, five years ago...

(c) lollipop workshop @ etsy

M, thanks for the magic :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

greetings of the season

Matt Pearson

So. Small group of friends coming over for dinner tonight. Should be stress-free, as I indicated on my e-vite.

And I'm not stressing.... exactly. I'm somewhat paralyzed, as I can't clean without moving some packages that need to be mailed out of the way. But I can't move those packages out of the way without stacking them, but I don't have any packing tape (which would also enable me to go ahead and mail them, through that handy-dandy USPS auto-machine! love it. Except gosh, you really do kind of save lots by purchasing online + printing out your own label! a-hem).

And I've got to run to the grocery, where I could pick up said packing tape. Except I've also got to pick up a holiday shirt for the hubs, and possibly some stocking holders for the mantle, and I believe (if I'm lucky) those stores open up at 11. So, I should just wait til those stores open, right?

sigh. maybe I am just this much of a procrastinator.

but, lucky me, white elephant gift is in the bag! (well, literally, a j crew box :) And, for tangent number 80 bajillion: have any of you stopped into Anthropologie lately + said your purchase is a gift? They give you the most delightful felt "blossom" (okay, just a circle, but still!) on a shoestring for packaging, and it is *darling*! I think it could be a sash! But a shoestring, perhaps not...)

Happy Sunday thoughts to all :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

iGoogle lovin

We all know I'm an uber-geek, so I thought I'd share my excitement :D:

I have no idea how I got so lucky, but a little pop-up window appeared one day, asking me if I want to change my iGoogle* theme.  I usually have it set to this beautiful scenery photography by ... I can't remember.  But one suggested theme was 12 Days of Cookies by the Food Network -- and holy cow, I get wo excited everytime I open my homepage and see a new lovely + yummy treat!! I know, I'm so easy -- but seriously!  Instant holiday cheer (and I *love* gorgeous baked goods!) -- and okay, that last one is really Paula Deen's Holiday Treats theme, but I couldn't find a pic of all 4 of the cookies -- but you the idea :)

*iGoogle page: in case y'all aren't users, you can personalize your google homepage!  I keep my fave blogs on that page so that I can see my email + new updates on my fave blogs and check it all at my leisure. I mean, I'm a fan of googleReader and all, but man, I've been busy with work yesterday and the day before, and by like 3p, I'm behind by about 130 or so posts -- tooo overwhelming!  Anyway, I know there's gadgets you can add, but I'm not that high-tech :D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Love!

(c) Cliff Mautner

Friday Faves!

I am *loving* all of these wintery white lovelies floating around! Personally, I love seeing large pic files, but unfortch, gearing up for all the fun I have happening at the end of this month = less time.  So let's just enjoy a collection of a handful of the pretties out there, yes?

Winter Whites

Row 1: The Bride's Cafe, feat. Tinywater Photography; This is Glamorous, feat. Martha Stewart; Oscar de la Renta on Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 2: C├ędric Bihr feat. on This is GlamorousSarah Hogan Photography on Gathering SpriggsPolka Dot Bride feat. Witchery shoes

And eeee, did you stop by Lovely Clusters already?  Rachel posted some *beautiful* Christmas clusters!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dress Details {Sarah Maren Photography}

(c) Sarah Maren

A couple months back, 100layercake featured this *fabulous* dress, made by the bride (!!)  gor.geous.

(c) Lisa Welge
Photo AND dress by Lisa Welge

And I couldn't stop checking out Sarah's site for more dress goodies -- they just leapt off the page!
{all images below by Sarah Maren Photography}

(c) Sarah Maren


(c) Sarah Maren

And okay, not a dress, but cuuute!

(c) Sarah Maren

Now I just have to peruse Lisa's pages, too..